Our solutions for Security

     Selective intrusion detection / perimeter surveillance

The aim of Observer in this solution is to detect and characterise intrusions by people and vehicles in critical zones such as aircraft parking or manoeuvring areas and to trigger alarms in different zones within the same image. This makes it possible to monitor perimeter zones or so-called critical zones. (Cf.: business case)

     Extraction of clues from images / Investigation support

The first hours of an investigation are vital. ODIN will enable investigators to save valuable time by carrying out an initial analysis of the images. This software automatically extracts key elements for orienting the investigation, such as a face. This reduces the investigator's work and, most importantly, directly provides him with all the important information. (Cf.: business case)

     People headcount, estimation of crowd and queue

Our counting solution enables you to carry out demographic studies and create statistics, thanks to its powerful face detection system. In addition, it produces a statistic concerning the age and gender of the person detected.